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Fitaly 3 for the Pocket PC

Textware Solutions, Burlington MA, announces the release of version 3 of Fitaly for the Pocket PC. Fitaly is an alternative onscreen keyboard optimized for fast pen entry. Fitaly places the most frequently used letters in a very tight central area, enabling an unmatched accuracy and text entry at 50 WPM on a Pocket PC...

The Pocket PC version of Fitaly offers several unique features:
Shortcut Expansion. The Pocket PC version of Fitaly offers a powerful expansion capability with visual advisories. Tap 2 or 3 letters to expand full phrases like "as fast as possible" with just four letters and a tap. You can add entries in various ways and nothing prevents having glossaries with several thousands of entries on a Pocket PC. So you can keep addresses, product lists, and various nomenclatures easily available with a few letters.
Fitaly 3 allows you to enter the 600+ Unicode characters of the Windows Glyph List, including mathematical, Greek and Cyrillic characters.

The Power of Sliding. How can you get 600+ characters with some 40 keys? One way would be to use modifier keys such as Shift. Fitaly's sliding feature is faster: Sliding is when you tap on a key and move the pen before releasing it. Fitaly uses slides of different lengths and directions to let you enter numbers, capitals, accented letters, other Unicode characters, and macros.
Full Customization. The use of this new (patent pending) sliding technique is fully customizable and you can use it also for favorite shortcuts. Type your whole address with just one quick slide, your email address with another.
And there is more... Flash-card installation... Fast glossary loading and backing up... Half-cells for quick access to digits... Fitaly as the default input method...

Fitaly recently received a Best Product Award for 2001 by PocketPC Magazine. More at Fitaly 3 for the Pocket PC and on the Fitaly site

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