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EzWAP 2.1, EZOS' micro-browser, is 'Pocket PC 2002'-ready

BRUSSELS, Belgium - October 24, 2001 - EZOS, a service provider active in the mobile I.T. business, is proud to announce the full support of EzWAP 2.1 for Microsoft Windows-Powered Pocket PC 2002 Software, the next-generation software for personal digital assistants (PDAs) from Microsoft Corp.

As a provider of services and solutions for mobile technologies, our goal has been to turn our initial WAP micro-browser into a Secure Mobile Internet Client. With version 2.0, we added WTLS and Push technologies; Version 2.1 is another major step in the right direction. Multiple markup languages support, including cHTML and XHTML basic, will allow us to offer the kind of access that millions of Japanese subscribers have been enjoying for some time now such as color and animated graphics. With more than ten million users, RSA SecurID« authentication is by far the world's leading solution for two-factor authentication. This technology, which is embedded in our micro-browser, enables secure automatic connection to corporate networks for e-mail and mobile services.

"It's clear that secure communications and transactions over the air are going to explode. Since Internet standards such as HTML, HTTP, TLS, and TCP are inefficient over mobile networks, our current strategy is to establish EzWAP 2.1 as the de-facto Secure Mobile Internet micro-browser for the Pocket PC and Pocket PC 2002 platforms" said Jean-Claude Streel, Business Development Manager.

"Mobility isn't just about voice -- it's about having access to your data regardless of where you are. Microsoft recognizes that mobile data needs great software to become a reality", said Andy Haon, Director of Product Planning for the Mobility Division at Microsoft Corp. "We are excited that EZOS is taking advantage of this to produce EzWAP 2.1 that will benefit users by providing a Secure Mobile Internet client."

EzWAP 2.1 has been specifically tested against Microsoft Mobile Information 2001 Server, thus delivering instant Outlook« services to Pocket PC users via wireless application protocol (WAP) or compact HTML
(cHTML) markup languages.

About EZOS

EZOS is a service provider active in the field of mobile and e-business providing companies with development, training and consulting services. EZOS specializes in the development and integration of mobile Internet and Internet business solutions into core back-office systems.

EZOS has built up its expertise from years of experience in various fields: back-office infrastructures since 1992; Internet development since 1996 and in WAP and mobile I.T. since as early as 1998. This unique combination of competence and experience means that m-business and e-business solutions are always built on solid technical foundations.

For more detailed information on EZOS, or to download a demo of EzWAP, please visit 


David Hernie - 

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EZOS s.a.
The developer's company
Mobile Products Division
tel +32 2 3872000 / +33 3 20190060
fax +32 2 3872010 / +33 3 20190069
web : 
wap :  

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