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Press Releases

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Ectaco, Inc. Announces New Speech Recognition Product Line 

In the opinion of the company's top management, the speech technologies market is set for a boom in conjunction with the development of voice operation for handhelds.

New York, NY - November 19, 2001: Ectaco, Inc., the world leader in the production of pocket electronic dictionaries, held a press conference at the Comdex Fall 2001 information technology expo devoted to the company's latest product - the UT-103 Universal Translator. The device is the world's first multilingual speech-to-speech translator.

Correspondents from Wired Magazine, Silicon 2.0, PC Magazine, Pocket PC Magazine, Forbes, Stern, New York Insider Magazine and others were in attendance. The event took place in the media area of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Those who attended the conference were familiarized with the UT-103 and were also informed of subsequent releases of the multilingual Universal Translator and handheld devices featuring its speech recognition technology and software.

Vice President of Research and Development Anton Epifanov illuminated the strategic development plans of Ectaco, Inc: "In our opinion, the speech recognition technologies market is on the verge of a boom. This will be in conjunction with their integration into various types of handheld devices. Consequently, we are concentrating on perfecting our speech recognition systems. At Comdex we presented an English-Spanish tourist translator with speech recognition technology for the Compaq iPaq."

"In the near future, we will integrate speech recognition technologies into our new models of dictionaries and software products for popular types of handhelds," continued Mr. Epifanov, "We already have external requests to develop made-to-order speech recognition systems. The development of this business vector is, in essence, the company's strategic plan for the next few years."

About Ectaco, Inc.

Ectaco, Inc. was founded in 1990 and specializes in linguistic technologies, including the development of pocket electronic dictionaries released under the Language Teacher×, Partner× and Universal Translator× brands. The extensive qualifications and experience of the company’s linguists, programmers, designers and engineers allows the creation of unique dictionary products which have a distinct design, high-quality language databases and a wide array of functions. 

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