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By Chris De Herrera 
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Press Releases

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Aidem has released Photo Explorer v1.52 and Engineering Calculator v1.12

1. Photo Explorer
Photo Explorer is the best choice for high-quality pictures display, album management & slide show
software in your Pocket PC. The friendly user's interface makes it easy to handle for a new user.
And the quality it shows is superior to any other similar products in the market. Photo Explorer is
especially useful in making a brief on your Pocket PC. It is not only the best tool for
image processing, but it also can be the personal/family album of yours. It is the best
image assistant of your own in the PDA as well.
New features of Photo Explorer 1.52 :
  • Add Text Shadow in the “Slide Show” dialog.
  • Fix bugs in “Edit Text” dialog and inconsistence in switching view mode.
     2. Engineering Calculator
    Aidem's Engineering calculator is very bright and easy to use, supports more than 50 functions.
    And this calculator is free for you.
    New features of Engineering Calculator 1.12 :
    • Correct the mistake of "Percent" function
    Your can Download Photo Explorer and Engineering Calculator from :
    Aidem Systems Inc.

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