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Press Releases

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ScaryBear Software has just released two games for the Pocket PC, "Balls" and "Peg Solitaire"


An addictive game with simple rules, but hard to put down! The game starts out with 3 randomly colored balls placed in 3 random locations on the main board. The user then takes a turn to move a single ball either horizontally or vertically (given there is a clear path to a chosen spot on the board) to try and align the same colored balls either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When a specified number of balls are aligned, they are removed from the game and points are awarded to the player. For each turn where no balls are aligned, 3 new randomly colored balls will appear on the board.

Peg Solitare

The classic peg board game, where you jump a peg over another peg into a hole on the board. You can only jump a peg horizontally or vertically. The goal is to have as few pegs remaining on the board as possible, with a single peg in the center of the board being the ultimate victory!

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