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By Chris De Herrera 
Copyright 1998-2007
 All Rights Reserved
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Press Releases

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MultiMeteor Announces Roster of Speakers and Sponsors for the Pocket PC Summit

WHAT:   MultiMeteor Inc., producers of the first official 
        conference and trade show dedicated to the Pocket PC
        handheld platform, today announced the Pocket PC Summit 
        roster of speakers and sponsors.

        The Pocket PC Summit will consist of three days of
        conference sessions focused on some of today's
        hottest Pocket PC and wireless topics. Session
        themes include Business and mCommerce, Application
        Development, Communications, Media Design &
        Entertainment, with several individual sessions on
        Industry and Government as well. To complement the
        conference, exhibiting companies comprised of the
        best the handheld and wireless world has to offer
        will be displaying their latest innovations and

        Microsoft, Symbol, Developer One, and Ilium Software
        have signed on as the event's main sponsors.
        Additionally, the Pocket PC Summit will feature the
        newest Pocket PC hardware from device manufacturers
        Casio, Compaq, UR There, Symbol and Hewlett Packard.

WHEN:   Oct. 10 - 12, 2001
        Exhibits - Friday, Oct. 12, 2001
        Pocket PC Magazine Awards - Friday, Oct. 12, 2001

WHERE:  Fairmont Miramar Hotel
        Santa Monica, Calif.

WHO:   Keynote Speakers:
       --  Ben Waldman, VP of Mobile Devices, Microsoft
       --  Sean Burke, VP & General Manager, iPAQ Products and Mobile
            Devices, COMPAQ
       --  Peter Green, General Manager of the Handheld Computing
            Division (HCD), Intel
       --  Rob Tercek, President, Applications and Services Division,
       --  Steve Bush, Founder and Editor-In-Chief, Brighthand

       Speakers, Panelists and Moderators include:
       --  Chris De Herrera, Microsoft MVP - Pocket PC,
       --  Dale Coffing, Founder, PocketPC,
       --  Jason Dunn, Microsoft MVP - Pocket PC, PocketPC,
       --  Phillip Torrone, Author, Inventor & Visionary,
       --  Brad Adrian, Research Analyst, The Gartner Group
       --  Curtis Davis, VP of Product Marketing, Aether Systems
       --  Anthony Dean, Vice President, Retail Development, Virgin
            Entertainment Group
       --  Eugene Evans, President, Infinite Ventures
       --  Andrew Farkus, Director of Emerging Technologies, General
            Motors / GMAC
       --  Brad Foxhoven, CEO, Eruptor Entertainment
       --  Greg Gadbois, CEO, Handheld Speech
       --  Les Gainous, Embedded VB Guru, Microsoft
       --  Mark Gentile, Founder & CEO, Odyssey Software
       --  Gary Infinger, Software Engineer, Centers for Disease
            Control and Prevention
       --  Linda Kasparek, Consultant, Microsoft
       --  Amit Khanduja, Mobile E-Services Solutions Director,
            Hewlett Packard               
       --  George Krucik, President, EleTel
       --  Mitch Lasky, CEO, JAMDAT Mobile
       --  Don Lewis, CIO,
       --  John Lin, Product Manager - Readers & Ebooks, Adobe
       --  Dr. Richard Low, CEO and Physician, Infor-Med
       --  Mark Lummus, Co-Founder & Vice President, AppForge
       --  Ken Mattern, Ebooks Specialist, Kottman               
       --  Mark McMillan, Vice President of Marketing, Sierra
       --  Scott Nelson, Product Manager, Casio
       --  Leonard Ott, CTO, Socket Communications
       --  Richard Owen, CEO, AvantGo
       --  Michael J. Patrick, CTO & Business Development, Ansyr
       --  Laura Rippy, CEO, Handango
       --  Bob Schreib, Senior Product Manager, Symbol
       --  Jonathan Schreiber, CEO / Pocket PC Consultant to the Los
            Angeles Lakers, Infinite Mobility
       --  Rob Tiffany, Author & VP of Technology, True Quote
       --  Christophe Watkins, VP of Marketing, Mforma Entertainment
       --  Tari Akpodiete, Author & PPC Evangelist,
       --  Debbie McCormick, CEO, McDeb Productions


         Microsoft, Developer One, Ilium Software, Symbol, Pocket PC
         Magazine, Federal Computer Week, Intel, Casio, UR There,
         COMPAQ, Hewlett Packard, Internet World Wireless, Handango,
         Socket Communications, Syware, Pentax Technologies,
         TestQuest, Ansyr Technologies, Nite Ize, Cutting Corporation,
         Whittaker Moore, Instant Power


         Print, electronic and photo media are invited to cover the
         event. Company executives, speakers, and panelists are
         available for interviews. Please direct all media inquiries

         Beverly Visty, dharmata public relations
         310/571-6033 office, 213/706-9321 mobile


         For full event details including scheduling as well
         as sponsorship and exhibit information, visit the
         official Pocket PC Summit website

         Registration and Attendance:  
           John Forrester -
         Event and Speaker Requests:  
           John Tidwell -
         Sponsorship and Exhibits:  
           Darren Eng -
   --30--rs/la* MW/la

   CONTACT: dharmata public relations
            Beverly Visty, 310/571-6033

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