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Can't Stop The Riot released by Pocket Innovations

Can't Stop The Riot has just been released by Pocket Innovations, and it promises to change the face of Pocket PC puzzle gaming forever. If you are a fan of Bejeweled, you'll love this game.  The rules are simple: switch two adjacent pieces to make a row or column of three or more.  Score combos for big points.
The rules may be simple, but the gameplay is incredibly addicting.

Not satisfied to be just another clone, Can't Stop The Riot takes it a few steps further:

 - Three difficulty levels:
 - Easy, where the game ends only when there are no more legal moves.
 - Normal, where you also have to battle the timer, the faster you score the more time goes back on the clock.
 - The innovative Expert mode, where you can swap any pieces you want, regardless of whether they score points - for a price.  Score huge points by setting up monster combos.
 - Fully skinnable - comes with 5 different "themes" to play with, including "The Riot", "Numbers", "Food Fight", and more.  Swap skins at any time, and change the background color to match your choice as you see fit.  Make your own skins with the soon-to-be-released skin creator.
 - Three high score tables, one for each level of play.  The password feature allows you to post your name and score on our web site for all the world to see.
 - Hints - With this turned on, the game will will display possible moves if you wait too long.  But not in Expert mode.
 - Silky-smooth animation - 64 transparent sprites on the screen at the same time, runs great even on the oldest Pocket PCs - while still playing it nice with your other open applications.
 - Written entirely in C++ for maximum speed, and runs great on any Pocket PC processor thanks to the new Common Executable Format.

Maybe you Can't Stop The Riot, but you can sure have fun trying!

Buy it today at - only $9.95!

Pocket Innovations - Powerful applications for a portable world

(Bejeweled is the property of Popcap games, and is not affiliated with Pocket Innovations in any way.)

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