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By Chris De Herrera 
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Press Releases

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The One Stop Shop for Games on the Go now online on! 

Gameloft Pocket™, the first commercial site for PDA games, is proud to announce a partnership with the leading site dedicated to Pocket PC Games:

The partnership will combine Gameloft Pocket's strong PDA games offering with's rapidly growing audience of Pocket PC games enthusiasts. Gameloft Pocket's electronic distribution platform, which will be entirely customized to's look and feel, will be directly accessible from and other key areas of the site (such as directly below a review or preview of any game available for download on Gameloft Pocket). The e-commerce commission revenues generated from the PocketGamer Branded site will be shared between the two parties.

This partnership marks the beginning of Gameloft Pocket's affiliate program and will be followed in the coming weeks by other key announcements.


Fade is a new graphical adventure game for PocketPc, in the same vein as the great classics, such as Maupiti Island or Black Sect.

The adventure's setting is both realistic and contemporary, brought to life through the use of entirely computer-generated, 65000-color images.

Download it Now

As the player, you will find yourself moving around a variety of locations, realized through over 300 images which serve to illustrate a gripping adult adventure, as well as allowing you the opportunity to meet and converse with dozens of characters.

-65000 colors
-More than 300 in-game screens
-Dozens of characters
-Sound environment that create an unique feeling
-Over 15 hours of intense gaming
-Intuitive inventory system and user interface
-A twisted and fascinating story
-A lot of puzzles to solve

The game is now available in English and French exclusively on Gameloft Pocket.

To review the full version please contact us today to get a copy…

Contacts :

About GameLoftPocket
Gameloft Pocket is dedicated to provide PDA owners worldwide a rich selection of high quality game software. By combining its online distribution platform and an already well established and renowned offline distribution network (sister company Ubi Soft Entertainment), Gameloft Pocket intends to become a reference on the PDA gaming market both online and through retail channels.
Packaging example:

About GameLoft
Created in 1999, Gameloft is developing new video games services for television and digital networks.
Gameloft offers digital television operators a complete gaming solution for their subscribers. This family-friendly channel covers most major video game genres (sports, edutainment, action, strategy etc.) A unique and comprehensive service, the channel provides more than 50 games, featuring large licenses from Ubi Soft and other major publishers.
Gameloft also brands existing games and custom builds new games for large companies. Advertisers benefit from the addictiveness of the games to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness.
Gameloft also distributes its catalogue on a pay-per-download basis for Palm and Pocket PCs.
Based in New York and backed by international partners, GameLoft provides unique expertise in the digital industry.
GameLoft is listed on the Paris Nouveau Marché.

About is the premier gaming news portal and information site for Pocket PC owners. Offering regular news updates, comprehensive games listings, reviews, lively discussions and plenty more besides, the site thrives on user contributions and input.

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