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New Pocket PC Audio Software from Applian Technologies 

* TextAloud MP3 turns emails, reports and more into spoken text. This is a huge time-saver!

* Listen to Radio on your Pocket PC, and more! Replay Radio 1.2 has new features to let you hear personalized radio newscasts, archive audio books, and locate radio shows easier than ever before.


TextAloud MP3 uses advanced text-to-speech technology to convert emails, documents, reports, online news, web sites and other text to spoken voice. It works great with your Pocket PC, as you can now become more productive while driving, doing household chores, or other activities.

TextAloud MP3 is easy to use. On your PC, you copy bits and pieces of the documents you want read to you into the clipboard, and TextAloud turns your text into an MP3 file. Then, just copy the MP3 file to your device and play it using Windows Media Player or our Replay Player.

In short, this software is a great time saver, and it's a lot of fun, too. Try it!

Screen shots, more detailed information, and a free demo are available from the Applian Web site here: 


Since we released Replay Radio last month, we've had lots of excited customers helping us make it an even better way to listen to radio on your Pocket PC, with some fantastic feature suggestions.

We've also discovered some great new uses for Replay Radio, including:

* Archiving Audio Books Use Replay Radio on the PC to make MP3 files out of your audio books for your personal archives. (But please respect the copyrights of the authors.)

* Creating Personalized Radio Newscasts One of our customers pointed us to -- this cool site lets you build your own personal radio show from sources like CNet Radio, ABC News, Bloomberg, and more. And Replay Radio 1.2 makes it easy to take this customized show with you, wherever you go.

Here's some of what's new since the first release:

* New Quick Record function starts recording instantly. * New URL Finder makes it easy to locate audio feeds. * More robust recording with new Network and ISP connection error correction. * Record from a radio or other device attached to your PC's sound card. (You can now record any local radio station this way!)

You can find out all about Replay Radio 1.2, get an update, or download a free demo from the Replay Radio page: 

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