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Pocket PC version of FrotzCE is now available 

A version of FrotzCE (v1.3a) that is compatible with Pocket PC devices (including the iPaq) is now available.

Q: What is FrotzCE?
A: FrotzCE runs text adventures which come in so-called story files:

Q: Where can I find story files to use with Frotz?
A: First, you can use the files from your original Infocom games (including the Lost Treasures/Masterpieces of Infocom compilation CDs). It is possible to play Atari ST, Amiga or Macintosh games on your CE machine once you manage to transfer the story files. Some people even extracted story files from old Atari 800, Apple II and C-64 disks! Second, there is also an increasing number of new games available on the Internet. Check the if-archive at

Q: What is new in this release?
A: FrotzCE has not been changed since it's last release in Sept. 1997. Since that time many new CE machines have been released. This release is an update which allows FrotzCE to run correctly on Pocket PC machines (ARM, SH3, MIPS). There are no feature changes from v1.2b. There are no updates for other machines.

Q: How much does FrotzCE cost etc.?
A: FrotzCE is unsupported freeware. It works for 90% of the official Infocom games and most of the new non-graphical games available on the Internet. If you have problems running FrotzCE, please address questions etc. to the newsgroups (put FrotzCE somewhere in the message) as there is no email support for the program. If you'd like new features etc., the updated source code will be made available shortly...

Q: Where/when can I get FrotzCE?
A: The official FrotzCE homepage is:

but due to bandwidth restrictions on this server, the actual files will be hosted at CEMonster ( CEMonster is currently reviewing the files and should have them available in the next few days. Please be patient.

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