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By Chris De Herrera 
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Press Releases

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CalliGrapher 6.0 is now available.

PhatWare Corporation today announced the immediate availability of CalliGrapher 6.0, the newest release of the industry leading handwriting recognition software for Microsoft Windows-powered mobile devices. Complete press release can be found at 

New version of CalliGrapher includes:
1. Support for all Pocket PCs.
2. Support for all Handheld PCs Pro/2000.
3. Many new user interface features and enhancements, such as new dialog boxes (Pocket PC style), extensive correction interface, etc.
4. Improved recognition quality.
5. PenCommander allows users to create and execute command scripts by simply writing a word command and drawing a circle around it.
6. New setup utility.
7. Updated documentation and help.
8. Many other UI enhancements.

CalliGrapher 6.0 is available now. The list price for CalliGrapher 6.0 is $49.95; however, for a limited time only, CalliGrapher 6.0 will be sold for only $39.95 as our "back to school" offer. A Free 30-day trial version of CalliGrapher 6.0 can be downloaded from our site at

All registered customers of CalliGrapher 5.3 who purchased the product on or after April 19, 2000 will receive a free upgrade. All registered users of any previous version of CalliGrapher can purchase the latest version for a special upgrade price of $24.95. For details, please read the upgrade policy at

CalliGrapher 6.0 or CalliGrapher 6.0 Upgrade can be purchased online at 

If you have any questions, please email to

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