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MOORESTOWN, NJ - July 19, 2001 - Catapult Creative Group, LLC, a full-service marketing communications and Web design agency, announced today the launch of, one of the most powerful online interactive media creation tools available. Users can now demo the PresentationGIANT site, which is scheduled to be fully operational on September 1, 2001.

PresentationGIANT allows companies to get their message out fast without any technical know-how or high-priced agencies. Packed with easy-to-use customizable templates, companies can move their business online or enhance their existing marketing efforts with Web or Pocket PC presentations, advertising banners, or E-mail splash-blasts. is the first site to offer customizable Flash presentation templates designed specifically for the Wireless-Web / handheld market.

A PresentationGIANT subscription gives users access to its diverse gallery of multimedia presentations and Web sites templates - complete with animation and sound. In just a few easy steps, companies can incorporate their own logo, graphics, and product images to make all their communications a professional, dqnamic, and interactive reflection of their business.

By registering for free, users can view dozens of professionally designed media templates and test-drive the demos to see how easy it is to create a rich-media presentation with PresentationGIANT.

"PresentationGIANT was conceived and developed by the Catapult Creative team, in an effort to provide inexpensive Web-based presentations and communications for their clients. It has evolved into a valuable and easy-to-use tool for the small and medium sized business community, sales and marketing professionals, and IT Departments," said Thomas Schneider, CVO and Co-Founder. "PresentationGIANT is designed to help companies tap the full potential of the Internet and make it an integral part of their overall business strategy," he added.

PresentationGIANT consists of templates specifically designed to address the communication needs for a wide variety of businesses. With PresentationGIANT companies can create the following for the Web, CD-Rom or E-Mail distribution:

-Online or Downloadable Web Presentations
-Wireless Web/Pocket PC Deliverable Presentations
-Complete Hosted Web Sites
-Ad Banners and Tile Ads
-Web Intro Animations
-E-Mail Marketing Media, E-Greetings and Announcements
-Interactive Location Maps, Pie Charts, Graphs, and more

"New media technology and the Web offer companies many opportunities to make their communications efforts more effective, more extensive, and more efficient; while at the same time, reducing costs," said Stuart Ross, VP of New Media and Co-Founder. "That's why PresentationGIANT is such a perfect tool for companies of all sizes," Ross added.


Catapult Creative Group is a full service marketing communications and Web design agency dedicated to helping businesses make the most out of the Internet. To accomplish this, they keep up with ever-changing technology, and strategically coordinate its use with traditional marketing methods.

Based in the Philadelphia area, the Catapult Creative team has been producing successful programs for an impressive roster of corporate and consumer companies of all sizes. From multi-nationals to small start-ups, their experience includes industries as diverse and complex as aerospace, chemicals, and commercial real estate, as well as mainstream consumer accounts.

For more information, contact Ms. Terri Wallace, Director of Business Development, by calling (856) 235-7500 or E-mail her at
For additional information, please visit

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