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By Chris De Herrera 
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POCKET PC SUMMIT - Registrations Are Now Open For The First Pocket PC Trade Show & Conference

Registrations for the first Pocket PC Summit are now open! A substantial discount on the normal registration is available until August 31, 2001. Please register now to secure the early registration discount:  


* The target audiences for the event are business executives, enterprise-level developers, and IT professionals in the process of establishing mobile/wireless data and infrastructure strategies for their organizations, as well as looking to enhance the productivity and profitability of their business.

 * Attendees, sponsors and exhibitors are key decision- makers, trendsetters, and innovators in the emerging Pocket PC industry. Sponsors and exhibitors of the Pocket PC Summit represent a who's who of the Pocket PC as well as mobile and wireless industries! 

* Speakers and keynotes from the top companies in the Pocket PC industry will present the most important issues and topics so you can stay ahead of your competition. 

* The Pocket PC Summit Event CD will contain all of the conference presentations, listings for all sponsors and exhibitors, trial version of Pocket PC software, as well as other valuable information. The Pocket PC Summit Show Directory and Resource Guide will be the road map for navigating the Pocket PC industry

. * Registered attendees of the conference days will receive a FREE 1-year subscription to Pocket PC magazine, the only magazine targeting the Pocket PC industry.

 * Registered attendees of the conference and exhibits are eligible for MANY drawings for new Pocket PCs to be held at the show.

 * Registered attendees will also be eligible to play the "Hunt For ZAQ" sponsor and exhibitor game. Visit each exhibitor booth, learn about exhibitor products and services, and win valuable prizes including cash, mobile hardware, and new Pocket PCs! 


To immediately receive sponsorship and exhibit information via email please visit:  

Please contact John Forrester or Mark Winstanley for sponsorship and exhibit opportunities with the Pocket PC Summit - 

John Forrester, Event Director 

Mark Winstanley, Event Co-Founder 

And, if I can do anything for you please let me know!
 See you at the Pocket PC Summit! 

Regards, ZAQ - Spokesman for the Pocket PC Summit

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