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Press Releases

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Omnytex Technologies on 8/23/2001 is proud to present Electro v1.0

Electro is the premiere Pocket PC reference and calculation tool for electronics technicians, engineers and electricians.

With an assortment of calculators, reference tables and other invaluable tools and information (20 in all), Electro is one program you can't be without if you work with electricity in any form!

Using the full multimedia potential of the modern Pocket PC platform to deliver colorful graphics and even a little bit of audio, some of the tools you will find include:

DC Ohm's Law Calculator
Delta <-> Wye Transformations
7400-Series Logic Chip Reference
Morse Code Encoder
R/C/I Calculator
Three-Phase Power Connections
Common Connectors Diagrams
Basic Op-Amp Circuits Reference
Common Connectors Reference
Impedance Calculator
Resonance Calculator
Reactance Calculator
Citizens Bands Table
...and much, much more!

If you are an electronics technician, engineer or electrician, Electro is the one program you will need to turn your PocketPC into the most valuable tool in your arsenal!

For more information, including screenshots of every part of Electro as well as a trial version, visit the Omnytex Products Page today! (

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