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Press Releases

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Ectaco Launches New Polish-language Website with e-shop:

NEW YORK - July 24, 2001 - Ectaco, Inc., the internationally-known handheld electronic dictionaries manufacturer and software developer, announces today's launch of its new website with e-shop:

The new site was created especially for the quickly growing e-commerce market in Poland. The site presents Ectaco's line of Handheld Electronic Dictionaries and their accessories. Ectaco's Polish electronic dictionaries translate into and from 9 European languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.

The new site is integrated into Ectaco's system of e-shops, which includes the highly successful (worldwide) and (European market.) Developed by Ectaco's subsidiary company Russian Silicon Valley, LLC, the site uses similar multilingual technologies as those used in the creation of


Ectaco International, Inc.

Founded in 1990, Ectaco International Inc. soon became one of the leading developers and manufacturers of handheld translating devices and software. The company currently offers 50 models of pocket electronic dictionaries under the Language Teacher and Partner trademarks for 24 languages as well as software compatible to a number of operating systems.

Ectaco, Inc. is headquartered in New York, N.Y. with 15 representative offices worldwide.

Russian Silicon Valley, LLC.

Established in 1998, Russian Silicon Valley, LLC is the subsidiary company of Ectaco, Inc., which is an international software development company headquartered in New York, N.Y., and has its development center in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Russian Silicon Valley produces linguistic and reference databases, independent software products, hardware design, embedded systems, Internet-based applications and e-commerce solutions. RSV's software outsourcing is done for primarily U.S. companies based on long-term development contracts. Current clients include Franklin Electronic Publishers, Ectaco, Inc., Adobe Systems, Inc., NIKKO, Ltd., Hexaglot Holding, GmbH., Group Sense Limited, G-Data, AG.

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