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Press Releases

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PocketTV 0.4.15 released (free for personal use)

Pocket TV is a full-featured MPEG Movie Player for Pocket PC (free for personal use).

PocketTV 0.5.0 brings you:

- New "Fast Video" option on iPaq improves performances when playing in normal mode (portrait orientation).

- PocketTV is now aware of the display landscape orientation when using a "Landscape" driver like JSLandscape or Nyditot Virtual Display .

- Now possible to select the Landscape orientation (left or right) when playing Fullscreen.

- Added support for tGetFile.dll . tGetFile.dll is free and allows you to open files located anywhere, not just in the "My Documents" folder.

- Added option to automatically go to the last opened file when PocketTV is started.

- Improved color control.

- Improved performances on ARM processor (e.g. iPaq). If used in conjunction with the JS Overclock from Jimmy Software , PocketTV can achieve a framerate of 24 fps at Fullscreen resolution (320x240).

See the PocketTV Release Notes for details.
Problems or questions ? Check the PocketTV FAQ .

Download PocketTV from Pocket TV .com .

Wondering what happened to version 0.4.15 ? It was replaced by 0.5.0, after a bug was discovered (and fixed) today.


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