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By Chris De Herrera 
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Press Releases

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Pocket Informant 2.5.1 released 

With 2.5.1, we concentrated on improving Tasks usability, re-engineering our registration system, and improving the program all around.

The main new features include:
*Tasks can now be prioritized in A-Z and 1-9 in addition to High/Normal/Low
*Task and Appointment Journal
*Added support for Tillanosoft's tGetFile which provides Link to File access to your entire PocketPC
*Journal will now display Duration if the Start and End are in sequence

We've also worked on a lot of little features/polish items as well as bug fixes. For the whole list, just visit this page:

The other main feature of 2.5.1 is a completely re-engineered registration system. We found that a lot of our customers had issues with the registration system being too strict with Pocket PC owner names and other usability issues. So we rearchitected the system to make it easy to register. The registration process works like this now. You run Pocket Informant and tap Register. Then, you will be presented with a License ID unique to you. On our registration page, just enter that ID and you will receive back the registration code. That's it.

For users upgrading, we've provided two ways to identify yourself - your original Order Number or the 2.5 registration code.

To upgrade to 2.5.1, just download the trial, then visit our registration page.

We appreciate all of your support. Don't hesitate to post to our forums or email us with suggestions as we start on the 3.0 product.

Thank you.

  The ultimate in Personal and Business Information Management.

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