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Press Releases

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Parascript Launches Wireless Application Division 

BOULDER, Colo., June 19, 2001 - Expanding its product and service offerings into the fast-growing mobile and wireless Internet markets, Parascript, LLC, has launched a new division whose focus is developing and marketing advanced digital ink and communications technologies, products and services for mobile wireless devices and other pen computers.

    The new division, called Pen&Internet™, is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. with R&D facilities on-site and at company offices in Moscow, Russia. Pen&Internet has a nucleus of 10 employees with 50 years combined experience in the digital ink marketplace. The General Manager of the division  is Dr. Leonid Kitainik, one of the foremost authorities in the field of Electronic Ink and Natural Pen Interface technologies. Dr. Kitainik has extensive experience in research and development and with high technology businesses in the areas of fuzzy sets, virtual reality and natural human interface technologies, applications and products.

    At PC Expo 2001 (Microsoft Partner Pavilion, Mobile Solutions section), Pen&Internet will unveil an early version of its first product, riteMail™, an easy-to-use software program that allows consumers, mobile professionals, traveling businessmen and other users to transmit handwritten messages via e-mail to and from PDAs, laptops, wireless feature phones, tablet PC devices and electronic whiteboards or between a mobile device and a desktop. riteMail is a sophisticated and feature rich mobile, multi-platform, interactive program. It includes a prototype of riteShape™, an automatic shape smoothing technology that accurately recognizes and automatically enhances hand drawn diagrams and drawings. riteShape technology will also be demonstrated at PC Expo.

    "We created Pen&Internet to build upon our expertise and marketplace success in the handwriting recognition technology market," said Jeff Gilb, president and CEO of Parascript. "Dr. Kitainik and his team are working to turn digital ink into a pervasive communications medium that allows people to write in a more natural fashion. We're confident in their ability to have a serious impact in the explosive mobile wireless communications market."

   riteMail allows users to employ their natural and personalized handwriting with high quality digital ink for seamless input and editing of information on any pen-enabled communication device and its exchange between wired or wireless devices.

   "riteMail is our division's first step in making handwritten data, notes and drawings as vital for the electronic culture as their legacy siblings are for the human civilization," said Dr. Leonid Kitainik, general manager of  Pen&Internet. "Led by Alex Pashintsev, Pen&Internet's engineering team has a track record of developing some of the most successful natural pen interface products and technologies. Doing business with over one million end users, we learned what works - and what doesn't - in the pen market. This will allow us to accelerate the delivery of products that people really need."

   The first version of riteMail works on any Java-enabled platform and on Pocket PC devices. Users can join the riteMail service and download the software, still undergoing beta testing, at Early feedback, as posted on the riteMail website, is extremely positive:

   "This is exactly the sort of technology that kids can use! Even better, babies and toddlers can utilize programs like this to send special e-mails to grandparents and other family. I love it!" 
   - Tina Kells, Internet for Kids Guide, - The Human Internet

   "I think this is really a good idea. Lot of people loves handwriting and tools like this will be always welcome." 
   - Javier Diaz Kuwilsky

   "I'm really excited about the opportunity to send handwritten emails. I am eagerly awaiting the PocketPC version, it is an ideal way to compose e-mails on the pen-based screen and send them through the wirelees links. On this platform it has all the marks of a killer app." 
   - Robin Elliot Mudge

   "Fantastic idea and product!" 
   - Robert Edward De Vries

About Parascript, LLC

Parascript's Total Recognition technology converts paper-based information on forms and checks into computer-useable data. It's the only complete technology that recognizes all character types - cursive, handprint and machine print - on all forms, reducing data entry expenses for organizations that use forms to capture information. With Total Recognition technology, companies can turn handwritten and print data, including legacy data, into electronic information that can be used to power web-based offerings and other marketing initiatives. Total Recognition technology is available as software development kits, through Total Recognition Services, Parascript's Internet delivery model, through onsite custom solutions, and through Parascript's partners. Parascript's new Pen&Internet division is a developer and marketer of advanced digital ink and communications technologies, products and services for mobile wireless devices and other pen computers.

Press Contacts:

Deborah Hamilton Matt Langan / Zakia Feracho
Parascript, LLC KCSA Public Relations
303.381.4129 212.896.1299 / 212.896.1291 /

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