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Amazing Movie Guides and Dictionaries Released

We have just released two major new file sets for TomeRaider:

The first is an awesome movie guide created in cooperation with the Internet Movie Database. It has information on 30,000 US/UK films including: Plot Summary, Actors, Directors, Trivia and that all important Rating. We have produced a number of different cuts of the data to suit all needs. This data is VERY current (Although can show films back as far as 1920). If you are a movie buff or just want to know if a film is worth watching, the IMDB Movie Guides are ideal.

The second major set we have released is the new hyper-linked Dictionary and Thesaurus based on the popular WorldNet Dictionary. Again we have produced various cuts to suit all needs.

As with all of the over 14,000 available TomeRaider titles, these are all free to download.

If you are interested please visit 
 TomeRaider is commercial software (about $20.00) available for Palm OS, EPOC, Pocket PC and Windows.

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