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DatePal Pro is available! 

Attleboro, MA -  Arcane Corporation is pleased to announce the release of DatePal Pro v 2.0 for the Pocket PC.  DatePal Pro is a major enhancement to DatePal, released earlier this year.

DatePal Pro is the Pocket Outlook Calendar Assistant.  The two functions that DatePal Pro adds to the Pocket Outlook calendar are a date search and holidays for over 35 countries and 2 religions (visit our website for a complete list of countries).  DatePal Pro not only adds holidays to the calendar, but it also removes the holidays it has added.  DatePal Pro will not alter or remove any holidays or appointments that it did not create.  DatePal Pro also adds descriptions to most of the holidays it creates.  The descriptions are brief messages that may tell what a holiday is, why it is celebrated, and/or how it is celebrated.

In addition to maintaining holidays, DatePal Pro adds a date search to the Pocket Outlook calendar.  Simply enter text that you would like to search for and DatePal Pro will return a list of appointment that contain the text. DatePal Pro can search the subject, location, and body (notes) of each appointment.  Select an appointment from the list and DatePal Pro will open the appointment in the Pocket Outlook calendar; where it can be editted, deleted, or beamed!

So the next time you need to find an important appointment in your calendar....Let DatePal Pro find it for you!

DatePal Pro comes complete with built in Pocket PC help and is available from and

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