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CalliGrapher 6.0 Beta 3 is now available!

The following list contains the major changes and bug fixes we've made since the Beta 2 release:

* CalliGrapher touch screen driver now automatically adjusts to the device performance and user’s writing speed. A new algorithm minimizes the delay in ink appearance making writing much smoother comparing to beta 2. * Case change gesture now works correctly on Pocket PC * Fixed a memory leak in CalliGrapher keyboard * PenCommander now “remembers” its configuration between sessions. * CalliGrapher keyboard now separates suggestions with a space. * CalliGrapher no longer disables the Recognize command in the Notes application on Pocket PCs. * We have made some other UI enhancements, mostly in PenCommander.

Tips to increase the recognition quality.

* Based on your feedback we realized that many beta testers were using the Letter Shape Editor (LSE) incorrectly. You will have the best recognition quality when using the default letter shape settings. Disabling too many shapes will decrease the recognition quality. There is only one reason to disable a certain shape of a certain letter, which is if calligrapher recognizes this letter incorrectly because you wrote its shape similar to another letter. For example, if your "o" is recognized as "u" you can try to disable some shapes for "o" or for "u" or for both. However, if you disable too many shapes you will decrease the recognition quality.

* When you click on the selected shape in LSE it will redraw the letter showing the direction in which you should move your pen. The direction of the pen strokes is as important as the shape.

* Try to write bigger characters. The minimum recommended size of your handwritten characters should be equivalent to size 16 (or bigger) of the Tahoma font (To get an idea how big it is, run the Pocket Word, select the Tahoma, size 16 font and write “something”).

*Upper case characters should be at least twice as big (or bigger) as the lower case characters.

Please visit our CalliGrapher beta web site at for more information and to download a new beta release.

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