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Fax from your HPC 2000 with Truefax!

Faxing from the palm of your hand The mobile fax solution "KSE Truefax" makes it possible to fax documents from the palm of your hand.

Whoever wants to fax documents with Handheld PC 2000 based on Windows CE 3.0 regardless of the location cannot avoid the new software solution KSE Truefax. KSE Truefax will send and manage all documents such as sales figures, calculations or confidential annual reports on the Hewlett Packard Jornada 710/720 or any other Handheld PC 2000.

Especially during daily use at events such as exhibitions, congresses and during customer visits KSE Truefax dials up the direct way to contact persons via mobile phone or modem. That means: more flexibility, no loss of time and a direct response.

The built-in fax assistant guides you through the preparation and the dispatch of faxes step by step. All necessary information such as name, fax number of the receiver, subject and documents to be attached will be asked for. Truefax includes the available user data information of your Handheld PC as sender and the Outlook postal addresses as receiver. With the possibility to integrate a company logo the corporate identity will be intensified with customers and business partner while on the way.

A special feature of KSE Truefax is the supplementation of documents with the integrated pen. Important messages can be encircled, section crossed out or confidential information made non-recognizable. The different display formats like inversion, zooming, rotation as well as the different pen thickness' complete the product.

The software is available at a price of US$ 34,90 in English and German and can be tried with a 15-day test version at and The test version can be changed into a full version via a registration code.

creating and sending faxe
cordless sending faxes via infrared interface and mobile phone
integrated document management
sending several documents
class 1 support facility / group 3
uses Pocket Outlook contact database
user-defined cover page with company information and logo integration
fax view support via "NiceView"
sound support upon dispatch of faxes
MIPS, SH-3 and StrongARM CPU support'

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