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Elan Informatique launches Pocket Speech the new text-to-speech product for Pocket PC

A Pocket PC puts the world in the palm of your hand. Wireless Telecoms and IT together, to access when and where you want to, proving the old adage that small is beautiful. But is a tiny screen the easiest access to masses of information? Wouldn't PDA life be easier if handheld devices could read, out loud?

Elan's Pocket Speech does just that. To optimise user interactivity with PDA devices, Elan has developed the TTS Pocket PCT SDK. PocketSpeech is a key feature for the mobile generation to develop their new ways of working, knowledge sharing or simply enriching their everyday lives.

PocketSpeech will read any text out loud, smoothly recognizing abbreviations, numbers, currencies and proper names. PocketSpeech speaks 6 languages with a choice of 12 different voices...and more languages to come.

Communicating with a corporate network, managing inventories and customer demands through real-time alerts: with PocketSpeech users won't miss vital information while on the go. Keeping track of the news, traffic reports, weather forecasts, plane or concert reservations, bourse updates or e-mails: users can hear everything they want to know without interrupting other activities.

The time saved alone is a benefit that mobile people will immediately appreciate.

Elan is a global player in embedded technology with a whole range of technical solutions supporting a wide variety of platforms.

PocketSpeech is the latest. With PocketSpeech, Elan is showing once again its capacity to accompany a market in full development phase by offering a standard to facilitate speech synthesis integration in Pocket PCT applications.

Pocket Speech is available in 6 languages (12 voices) at ? 4,200, including 5 licences and a year's support and maintenance. About Elan informatique Elan informatique is a major worldwide supplier of Text-To-Speech (TTS) software and a leading developer of this advanced technology which is totally revolutionizing the user-machine interface. Elan TTS translates any text into speech. It simply reads IT-generated texts out loud, with the flexibility and richness of natural sounding speech. Elan informatique designs, develops, manufactures and markets its TTS technology under license and in OEM sales, in all fields of TTS. Texts can be spoken in several languages with both male and female voices; while delivery, pauses and voice timbres can all be regulated to the user's own personal requirements.

Visit for more info

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