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By Chris De Herrera 
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Pocket Informant 2.5 Released! Free Upgrade for 2.x users

Pocket Informant replaces your built in Contacts/Calendar/Tasks applications with more powerful full featured versions in one integrated application.

In 2.5, we've added even more power, a more refined user interface, much faster operation - all designed to make your day more productive.

Some of the new features of 2.5 are:

Templates for Tasks and Appointments, Alarm Notes for those quick jots, a light Contacts Journal, PhoneTones, and a lot more.
For a full list -

All 2.x owners receive a free upgrade at this link:

One thing I'd like to mention is that with 2.5 we have a new registration process keyed to the Owner Name of your PocketPC. While most people have no problems with this, some are experiencing a problem with their registration code being accepted. So far, every person helped with this situation has found that the Owner Name on their PocketPC either had an extra space at the end or had the name mispelled.

Thanks for listening!

  The ultimate in Personal and Business Information Management.

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