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By Chris De Herrera 
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Press Releases

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MaD Journal 2001 is here!

Absolutely MaD Software announces its debut product, MaD Journal 2001.
Here's a quick statement taken from our website:

How useful are notes when you spend most of your time figuring out a way to effectively organize them in a way that's beneficial and productive? MaD Journal handles the organization for you. By placing all of your notes in daily journal entries, it lets you easily look up information based on dates rather than filenames. No more files to deal with. No more directories to navigate. No more hassles.

Some of the features it supports:

* Rich Ink« Support
* Multiple Zoom Levels
* "Jump To" shortcuts
* Voice Recording
* File import and export
* Password protection
* Automatic Deletion
* Smart Input Panel
* Hide drawings when typing
* Undo/Redo support
* Extensive Online Help
* Superb customer service

You can download a trial version at our website:

The retail version is priced at $14.99.

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