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New CorrectTime™ Software Fixes Windows CE Appointment Nightmares When Traveling

La Jolla, CA—May 1, 2001—Information Appliance Associates, the leader in Windows CE Consulting and Tools, announces the release of CorrectTime™, the new software that solves the critical problem of time zones and appointment start times that has existed in the Pocket Outlook Calendar application since the earliest versions of Windows CE.

"Our clients kept telling us about missed plane flights, missed appointments with key customers," Terence Goggin, IAA's Director Of Product Development said, "We heard stories of actual contracts being lost due to this problem."

"We had one client traveling from Los Angeles to New York to meet an important customer," Goggin continued. "The lunch with the client was set to happen at 12:30PM New York time. He added this appointment to Pocket Outlook for "Lunch" at 12:30PM while in Los Angeles. He gets on a plane, and when he arrives, sets his Visiting City to New York. His appointments were now off by three hours. The "Lunch" appointment, which was supposed to occur at 12:30PM, now showed up in Pocket Outlook as occurring at 3:30PM. Because of this mix-up, he missed the lunch and nearly lost the account."

CorrectTime™ automatically adjusts for these appointment/time zone mix-ups. If an appointment is set for 12:30PM and the user changes cities or time zones, CorrectTime™ will ensure that it occurs at 12:30PM -- regardless of where the user is on the map. CorrectTime makes all of the necessary adjustments for you. Just run it every time you change cities -- it's that simple.

"The bottom line is that almost every traveler thinks in local time," Goggin added. "If they're traveling to Los Angeles, they will make appointments in Los Angeles local Time. If they set an appointment at 12:30PM, they're already thinking about 12:30PM when they arrive in Los Angeles. When they change the clock, they don't expect to have their appointments shifted without warning. That's why we created CorrectTime™."

CorrectTime™ has a small footprint (118 K), but fixes these problems once and for all. CorrectTime™ is $14.95 and is available for purchase/download at IAA's site and online store (

For more information, contact Terence Goggin at (858) 535-0007 or visit IAA's website at

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