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Electric Pocket Releases BugMe! for Microsoft Pocket PC Devices

WYE VALLEY, UK (May 31, 2001)… Today, Electric Pocket Limited released a version of BugMe! for users of handheld devices based on Microsoft Corp.'s Pocket PC platform. The new Pocket PC version of BugMe! includes new functional ity that takes advantage of the built-in features of Pocket PC devices, such as allowing the combination of voice recordings with freehand and text messages. BugMe! is among the most downloaded applications by users of Palm Powered™ handheld devices, giving users the ability to handwrite notes and sketches directly on the screens of their devices and set reminder alarms. BugMe! for Pocket PC allows users to jot freehand notes, sketches and diagrams directly on the screens of their handheld devices and even record brief voice recordings that will automatically replay at a time set by the user. The application offers an intuitive user interface, providing an efficient method to organize notes and an easy alarm setting capability.

"BugMe! is an application that really takes advantage of the great features included within the Pocket PC operating system, giving users an easy means of jotting down or recording quick reminders on their mobile device," said Derek Brown, product manager for the Mobility Division at Microsoft. "We appreciate Electronic Pocket's initiative in bringing increased functionali ty to the Pocket PC platform." With BugMe!, handheld computer users can take notes and capture information without having to learn the special characters used in handheld devices. Because BugMe! is so practical and easy to use, it is often cited as one of the most essential third-party applications for Palm handhelds. Reviewers are already giving high marks to the new Pocket PC version of BugMe! "The first impression I get from taking BugMe! through its paces was that it is a perfectly crafted program that accomplishes what it is created for," said Henry Kong, product reviewer for PDASquare. "There is no way that I can over-rate this program as I really appreciate the amount of thought and thoroughness that was lovingly put into it." Pocket PC users who have taken an advance look at the new version of BugMe! have also welcomed it with great enthusiasm. "In my opinion, BugMe! is the killer application of the Palm OS," said Pocket PC user Joe Shockley of Jefferson City, Missouri. "I'm thrilled that this excellent program is now available for the Pocket PC. Thanks to BugMe! for the Pocket PC, I miss my Palm IIIc a lot less." BugMe! for Pocket PC retails for $19.95. For more information, visit

About Electric Pocket Limited Electric Pocket was founded in January 2000 to build upon the mobile and wireless computing technologies of Haus of Maus, the developer of the award-winning BugMe! application for Palm Powered and Pocket PC handheld devices. Headquartered in the scenic Wye Valley of Wales, UK, the company is spearheaded by a team of experienced technology engineers and visionary experts in mobile and wireless technologies. Electric Pocket offers innovative mobile computing solutions and consultancy services. The company's flagship product, BugMe!, allows users to jot freehand notes to themselves directly on the screens of either Palm OS and Pocket PC handheld devices. These notes conveniently "pop up" on the screen of a user's device and sound an alarm to serve as a reminder. With the recent launch of the company's unique BugMe! Messenger application, users of Palm Powered handhelds have a convenient means to keep in touch while on the move. Electric Pocket's consulting group has provided leading edge solutions to global companies such as Gap and Ubinetics. For more information, visit

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