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Press Releases

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Release of VBRegFix V2.0 - lets VB apps run after an uninstall

VBRegFix allows embedded Visual Basic (eVB) programs on PocketPC's to run after another eVB program is uninstalled. Normally, all other eVB programs stop working whenever any one of them is uninstalled, requiring one or more of them to be reinstalled. This is a known and widespread problem because of the way the eVB development environment creates installs for eVB applications.

Version 2.0 is much stronger than the original VBRegFix because it protects controls DLLs as well as reregistering the eVB runtime environment. However, you must run it after every application install for it to work.

You can tell you have this problem if you try to run an eVB program named "Foo" for example,  and get a message:

There is no application associated with "Foo". Run the application first, then open this file from within the application.

For some cases, you can just run VBRegFix and it will fix the problem because the eVB runtime was unregistered, but the code is still in ROM.

However, you may then get a message similar to:

The control MenuBar1 ({00AB0E66-7888-4321-A443-E3FB7843A789}) could not be created.

Unfortunately, it's too late. You have to reinstall the eVB application that doesn't work, the menubar control DLL was deleted by the last uninstall.

Next time, be sure to run VBRegFix every time after you install applications and you shouldn't ever see either message.

VBRegFix V2.0 is available free at, just follow the link to VBRegFix. It's about a 170K download and installs in about 15K. It contains no ads or nagware, etc., but there is a ReadMe.htm file that explains how to use it and how it works.

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