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Pocket PC Tools up and running! is now up and running. It is a community-driven site dedicated to software and software news. Released a new version of your software? Post it to the site. Released new software altogether? Ditto. All software-related announcements and news are welcome.

Also as part of the site, there is a software library with links to any and all Pocket PC software. This needs to be contributed to the most right now, as there is nothing in there :). It'll list the price of the software, type, demo period, and a link to the software's web page (sorry, no hosting of the download - my bandwidth would no doubt go through the roof!).

The last part of the site is a message board. No, not to compete with here (I have a header on the site driving people from there to here!). This message board is for you, the users, to post your reviews of software, and allow others to comment on them. If you want to get something off your chest about a piece of software (good or bad), post away!

This is your site. I hope you all help and make it a popular one!

(for those that are wondering: the site is completely done in PHP with a MySQL database, so everything is dynamic. I just go in and clean up any stories posted).

NOTE: I may have to make special provisions on my site for Vincent Collura ;)

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