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Pocket Innovations Releases GraphIt 1.0

April 1, 2001: Pocket Innovations is pleased to announce the release of GraphIt 1.0. GraphIt is a powerful graphing calculator designed for Pocket PC devices. Other calculators for the Pocket PC often perform only one function, or are otherwise designed for a specific task. GraphIt combines all these abilities into a single program.  At the moment, GraphIt 1.0 is not a full replacement for your graphing calculator, though it soon will be.  If you find anything wrong with GraphIt, please let us know at and we will fix it as soon as we can. GraphIt can be purchased from our website at for only $15!  By registering now, you get all future updates and releases for free! 
Buy GraphIt today!

Current features include:

- A scientific calculator mode that lets you solve standard equations.  All standard functions (sine, cosine, tangent, log, square root, etc.) are supported, as well as some additional functions (xroot, scientific exponents, factorial, etc.)

- A graphical and helpful user interface that makes navigating the program efficient and enjoyable.

- Equations are entered in a user-friendly text box using either traditional input or a powerful keypad system that puts all the calculator's functions within two stylus taps.

- An equation-helper displays a list of any inputs for any function that you enter.

- The Grapher's viewport can be adjusted, and axis marker intervals are user-definable.  GraphIt's graph window is over four times the size of the graphing window on a normal TI-8x graphing calculator, making graph features easier to see and allowing for larger graphs.

- GraphIt is efficient and compact.  The entire program, including all the graphics and images that make up the interface, is less than 150K in size.

This is only the first version of GraphIt.  In the future, many new functions and features will be added.  Following are some functions that will be appearing soon:

- Improved grapher, calculus, probability, vector geometry, and statistics functions.

- Support for Lists and Matrices

- A faster and more efficient graphing routine with shading capabilities

- Unit converter, allowing you to convert between meters and feet, pounds and kilos, and many other units of measurement

- Different number bases (hexadecimal, binary) with special tools for programmers.

At Pocket Innovations, we are dedicated to serving our customers and will address any concerns brought to our attention. We will do our best to bring you fast, efficient programs get the job done and increase your productivity.  Although these are some of the main functions that we're thinking of adding, we're open to suggestions.  Feel free to email us at to give us any comments or suggestions. 
Please visit our website at,  and while you're there, buy GraphIt - the powerful new calculator for your Pocket PC.

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