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Pocket Database 3.6 Released!

Pocket Database has been updated to Version 3.6! The new version has a
number of new features and updates. Try out Pocket Database today!

Pocket Innovations ( ) Powerful applications for a portable world

Version 3.6
-You can now resize the columns in the Table View!  Not only can you change
the size, but your settings are stored and your table is automatically
resized each time you open it.
-Error with the Form View where the title was always Label14 has been fixed.
-You can now make multiple forms without closing Pocket Database.
-Bug with the Form View where the wrong table was sometimes loaded has been
-All files required to run Pocket Database are automatically registered on
startup, preventing nasty error messages from occurring.
-Minor bug fixes included

Those who purchase Pocket Database now will NOT be required to pay an upgrade fee. All future upgrades are free of charge, so early adopters get the same program for less money, and they have it available for a longer period of time.

This version of Pocket Database delivers the capability to view and edit your Pocket Access database files. Without Pocket Database, you will be unable to view your important files.

At Pocket Innovations, we are dedicated to serving our customers and will address any concerns brought to our attention. We will do our best to give you the programs that do what you want, how you want them, at the speed you want. Please email our development/customer care team at with any comments, concerns and recommendations.

Please note that by installing Pocket Database, you are agreeing not to distribute it in any form and to only install it on one Pocket PC. If you are interested in purchasing multiple copies of Pocket Database, please contact the Pocket Innovations management team at and we are willing to discount for volume purchases.

-NOTICE-Runtime files not included You may need to download VB Runtime from Pocket Innovations if Pocket Database won't run. You can download VB Runtime at our website. Be sure to find the specific version for your type of Pocket PC.

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