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Okanagan Entrepreneur Fills a Niche. Screen Protectors for a Great Price

KELOWNA, BC (Special) -A Kelowna businessman who inadvertently scratched the screen of his hand-held Personal Digital Assistant, has come up with an affordable solution to make sure it won't happen again. And he's marketing his product to the world.

John Salazar says that if dust and dirt get between a stylus and the screen of a PDA, the screen of these expensive devices can be permanently scratched-which happened to his PDA.

So utilizing strong, clear film, John fashioned his own device, and came up with PDA Screen, and a product that's now selling for US$9.95 a dozen on the Web.

John made his own protectors because he said that others that are available on the market are either too expensive or are somewhat ineffective.

"I got six for $18.95 from one major manufacturer," John said, "but they were too narrow, slid back and forth in the PDA frame, and in a couple of days looked scratched and worn." He priced others at $35.95 a dozen.

Some screen protectors available on the Internet feature specially shaped corners, lift tabs, adhesive backing and polarized and non-glare features.

"We make our product for less, kept it simple, and adaptable for most PDA brands," said John. "They last for a long time, and can be easily and inexpensively replaced."

The film used for PDA Screen is super clear and permits visibility of the finest screen details. The protectors are packed by hand to ensure that they arrive scratch free. The first package of 12 screen protectors is US $9.95.  Additional packages of twelve cost US$5. With the purchase of 72 for US$34.95, the cost of the protectors is less than 50 cents each. Each package includes a special cloth to clean the screen and instructions.

The inexpensive, effective, long lasting protectors are available at


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