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Press Releases

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New dictionary technology for Pocket PC. German-English-German, French-English-French and other dictionaries for Pocket PC have been released!

Paragon Software (Smart Handheld Devices Division) opens new product line - pocket dictionaries/dictionaries for handheld devices. We already distribute dictionaries SlovoEd for Palm OS and for EPOC 32 OS (Symbian OS) devices. Both dictionaries during 1 year became very popular software utilities on European PDA market.

So the company decided to achieve the same success on the international Pocket PC market offering our technologies and our software development experience to Pocket PC owners in European countries. Today we have been released dictionary engine SlovoEd for Pocket PC OS as a third platform in the product line. New dictionary engine has been released with databases for following language pairs: English<->German, English<->French, English<->Russian, English<->Hungarian, French<->German, German<->Italian, German<->Portuguese, German<->Spanish, German<->Dutch.

Main features of the dictionary engine are:

1.      Unique data compression technology that enables high data compression ratio with high access rate. For example, Russian-English-Russian dictionary includes appr. 100000 entries and occupies only appr. 700 kb memory

2.      Quality dictionary databases specially adapted for using on Pocket PC devices

3.      Easy-to-use, powerful and user friendly interface with many unique features like the search module that allows you to execute contest search. Just enter a word (or any part of word) you would like to find in the dictionary and start the search module

To extend the product line our company plans to release several other language pair databases. Our company is also negotiating with several companies about licensing new dictionary databases that could be distributed with our engine.

More detail information about our dictionaries for Pocket PC is available at .

DEMO versions are available here:

Paragon Software (SHDD) announces also the product launch promotion campaign. Only up to 1st of May you can buy our dictionary for $14,95. The price will be increased to normal level of $24,95 on 1st of May.

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