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Press Releases

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Greenwich Instruments, a London, UK based company are proud to announce the release of their latest addition to the telematics industry – an in-vehicle GPS bundle for the Cassiopeia E105, E115, E125 and EG-800 consisting of;

In-vehicle cradle with power and serial inputs via RJ45 connectors at the base of the cradle.

Intuitive ball joint mounting kit that facilitates easy installation and removal from the vehicle.

Power lead from the cradle to a cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle.

Sub-minature combined GPS receiver/antenna with serial lead that can fit either on the back of the cradle, or be mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle.

‘Route Planner Millennium’ route planning and mapping software from PalmTop Software (full version).

‘Memory Map’ Nautical and land mapping software (trial version).

Special price voucher for in-vehicle plastic mounting bracket.

The bundle is most probably one of the most cost-effective GPS solutions that is on the market for the Pocket PC genre today and has the full backing of Casio UK. The bundle will be released first with all European maps included, with US and Worldwide maps to follow shortly. It can be used in any vehicle, boat or indeed most forms of transport. Versions are planned shortly for the Hewlett Packard Jornada and Compaq I-PAC range of Pocket PC’s.

The bundle can be purchased from a number of distributors, including Casio UK, in Great Britain and Europe. Please contact Greenwich Instruments for a full list of distributors.


Greenwich Instruments is a London, UK based company specializing in PDA add-ons and accessories.  Please contact Alan Jeffery for more information on the above product and any other of Greenwich Instruments products.


Tel: +44 (0) 208 302 4931
Fax: +44 (0) 208 302 4933

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