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FirstFilter beta 0.1 released

April 9, 2001: An early beta of the DIA to WMF ActiveSync file filter for First Diagramming is now available in the downloads section. There is no installer, so you'll have to copy the DLL to a directory and manually register/deregister it. With this filter installed, and File Sync'ing enabled, you can go to "Tools | Options. | Rules | Conversion Settings | Device to Desktop" in ActiveSync and change the conversion for DIA files to WMF. The result being when diagrams are created or changed on the PDA, they will be converted to WMF files in the sync directory. The quality of the resulting WMF files will improve in subsequent releases.

NOTE: Version 0.1 of the filter is compatible ONLY with First 0.7. Using it with other versions of First may lead to unexpected problems.

Matter and Motion, Inc.

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