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Data on the Run and Copy/Text Announced

April 10, 2001: Data On The Run is an inexpensive database program that allows you to transfer an Access database to the Pocket PC, and add, delete, and modify records, and do searches, without designing your own forms or formulating SQL commands.  View your data in form or list view, and synchronize with Access 97 or 2000 on your desktop.  Available at or as a trial version, with $6.50 registration.

Here's what people are saying about Data On The Run:
"A great application!"  T.D., tester
"Superb!" D.B., tester
"I would pay more" S.T., tester
"Aren't you done working on that program yet???" J.B., wife :-)

CopyText is a utility to add frequently used text like signature files, URL's, etc. to your favorite Pocket PC programs quickly and easily.  A single tap copies your text to the Pocket PC clipboard and returns you to the app you were using last, for quick pasting of the text into that program.  CopyText is free and also available at or

For more information, visit

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