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Conduits Technologies, Inc. Releases Pocket Album 1.2 for Pocket PC.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA, April 3, 2001 -- Conduits Technologies, Inc. announced today the release of Pocket Album 1.2 for Pocket PC. Pocket Album is an interactive photo album application for the Windows-powered Pocket PC.

Pocket Album offers a variety of features and two modes of play – Album mode and SmartAlbum mode where each image can be centered or full-screen. Album mode allows the user to create a personal photo album with a collection of images currently on the device with the ability to choose the order of the images. Also included are decorative borders to frame and further personalize a picture adding dynamic designs to images for pets, parties, weddings and vacations.

SmartAlbum mode will display and loop across all images the user has on the device. SmartAlbum is leveraged by PhotoSync technology, which continually pulls images from the desktop’s image repository and displays the pictures as they are “synced” down to the device, giving the user an intelligent picture frame of the entire image collection.

The version 1.2 release of Pocket Album adds several key features including support for more image formats, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. In addition, a "Zoom and Pan" mode is featured in which the image is shown at full size allowing the user to pan around the image with the stylus.

Support for the Voyager VGA PCMCIA card from Colorgraphic Communications ( is also included. Pocket Album can take advantage of the VGA card's native 640x480 or 800x600 resolution, enabling the display of photos or presentation slides on an external monitor or display. The user may select the desired palette to use, and whether to dither the image to the VGA card's palette.

Pocket Album allows the user to optionally rotate and scale the images in real-time in order to guarantee perfect placement of the picture on the device screen. There are different rotating and scaling options for instances when the display is in full-screen mode or in windowed mode, and if the device is connected to the desktop (where rotation is generally not needed) or in hand (where rotation is desired).

Pocket Album also features the implementation of voice and ink notes to images. Voice notes give the images a “talking picture” effect as made popular by greeting cards. Ink notes allow the user to make notations directly onto an image. The ink notes feature parlays into the usage of PowerPoint presentations that have been exported to the device in a series of JPEGs. The user can easily set up a PowerPoint “album,” and have the collection of notes automatically pop up for each slide. Pocket Album employs 14 different fades that give complimentary visual feedback when transitioning between images.

Pocket Album 1.2 is available for $19.95 from More information, including a full list of features, downloadable border expansion packs, and screenshots, can be found at the Pocket Album website at

Conduits develops several commercial applications for Pocket PC, including Peacemaker (a cross-platform infrared exchange utility), Pocket Artist (a drawing and image manipulation program for Pocket PC) and Pocket Watch (an interactive world clock for Pocket PC). Conduits also hosts several open source efforts, such as Pocket Spark.

SOURCE: Conduits Technologies, Inc. CONTACT: Jason Patterson at 850-523-0426 or email

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