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Ansyr Delivers Growing Family of Software; PDF Handheld Software Leader Rolls Out New Products at Seybold Seminars

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 9, 2001--Ansyr Technology, which enables companies to extend document management and workflow to handheld computers and network devices, unveils expanded software lines at Seybold Seminars in Boston, April 8-13, in the Adobe Pavilion (Hynes Convention Center, Level 2, Partner Pavilion #2105). (High-resolution Ansyr software graphics are available for publication: email/call media contact below.) Ansyr's latest software offerings, Ansyr Mobile Office, Ansyr PageSharing, and Ansyr Components and Tools, are strategically built around the company's flagship software family, Primer(TM), PDF applications for Palm, Pocket PC and Windows CE devices. With these new software groups Ansyr has built upon Primer's core concept of giving mobile workers secure, on-the-spot access to vital information. The Ansyr software families offer scalable architecture-supporting plug-ins to enable companies to access high-value content on mobile computers and make these once static documents interactive. Ansyr's Mobile Office, PageSharing and Components and Tools are designed to meet specific strategic partners' (OEMs, content creators and ISVs) and customers' needs for accurate, secure access to complex documents containing text and graphics.

"Ansyr strives to seamlessly expand the usefulness of electronic documents from desktops to mobile devices, so we've enhanced and organized our software to mirror how end users direct their workflow. Ansyr is poised at the center of many converging markets--the growing relevance of digital documents in the enterprise, increasing numbers of handheld computers, the prevalence of wireless connectivity, and growing legislative and legal acceptance of digital signatures--it's a great opportunity for us," says Ansyr president Kevin Omiliak.

Ansyr Mobile Office (AMO) includes previous Primer editions and a greatly expanded 3.1 Windows CE version, to support most usual enterprise document formats for mobile devices. AMO includes a plug-in architecture for modular features such as: PDF forms, digital signatures, XML (OEB)/HTML, image formats (JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, etc.) and digital rights management.

Ansyr's Primer for Palm(TM), which debuted at Seybold 2000 San Francisco, has expanded into Ansyr PageSharing, is a comprehensive software group enabling transfer and distribution of technical documents and extracts to Palm OS devices. PageSharing software includes PDFSnap, a 1.5 version of Primer for Palm OS that preps PDFs and exports page images to Palm OS devices. SnapViewer, another PageSharing feature, which will be launched in May, is a "client" for Palm that views files generated by PDFSnap and PageSnap. PageSnap lets users take "snapshots" of common desktop data files (e.g., MS Office Word documents, Excel files, etc.) and send images directly to Palm OS devices and other handhelds.

Ansyr Components and Tools will be released in Q2 2001. Features will include ActiveX controls, which allow OEMs and ISVs to provide PDF rendering capabilities for CE portable devices, desktops and Web applications. Currently in beta testing are Ansyr visualization plug-ins, FastColors and Magnifier, for content creators currently using Adobe Acrobat.

Michael Patrick, Ansyr's co-founder and vice president of technology adds, "Global enterprises face a significant obstacle in evolving from paper-driven desktop processes to mobile digital offices. Ansyr makes this transition easier by reducing the cost of securely distributed digital content, eliminating costly conversions of complex legacy content, speeding the cycle time of important transactions, enabling professionals to make knowledgeable decisions through data access, and helping corporations effortlessly distribute critical content."


Ansyr Technology is a Bellevue, Washington software firm that develops document and forms software for handheld computers, workstations and network appliances. The Primer(TM) viewer supports common enterprise and eBook document formats, including PDF, HTML/XML (OEB), TIF, JPEG, Fax, and TXT on Windows CE and Win 9x/2K/ME/NT, Palm OS and other operating systems. An API/SDK allows for third-party workflow plug-ins for digital rights management and digital signatures. Ansyr supplies PDF code and software components to embedded systems designers and hardware OEMs and supplies Adobe Acrobat plug-in products and custom development. Ansyr provides document workflow management software for wireless and handheld applications in the corporate and enterprise market places. -0-

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