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Press Releases

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StopTime 2.0 is a freeware combination stopwatch, 4-way programmable timer, alarm clock, memo reminder and flashlight.

The latest version of StopTime 2.0 beta posted to now supports:

1) Hand-written and voice reminders. This is a major new feature that is still a little rough around the edges and which I will be streamlining and improving over the next couple of months.

2) Color coding of alarm clock alarm times to indicate what day they are scheduled to go off

3) Timer calibration for more accurate stopwatch and timer functions

4) Ability to compute lap speeds (based on a specified lap distance) as well as lap times in stopwatch mode

I will be out of town 4/2 -- 4/13, so after 4/2, please send any feedback or bug reports to me via email at as the newsgroup will have scrolled your messages off by the time I return.

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