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ParallelGraphics launches a new beta version of Pocket Cortona, the world's first 3D viewer for mobile and next generation wireless devices

London, 23rd March 2001 - ParallelGraphics (, a world leader in the field of Web based 3D technologies, today released the latest beta version of Pocket Cortona, the world's first wireless 3D viewer to offer users a completely mobile CAD solution.

Pocket Cortona can be used for CAD and data visualization, virtual field manuals, online entertainment and a range of e-commerce applications. In addition Pocket Cortona supports automation interface so that developers can now start writing 3D applications on pocket platforms using Cortona SDK.

"Using ParallelGraphics Internet Model Optimizer (IMO), which optimizes complex CAD files, and Internet Scene Assembler (ISA), which adds a range of interactions and animations to models, it is now possible to create dynamic and interactive 3D CAD visualizations for communicating design issues on the move," said Gavin Divilly, Marketing Manager, ParallelGraphics.

The response to the beta testing of Pocket Cortona has been extremely positive. "I believe Pocket Cortona to be a harbinger of future CAD-related handheld software efforts. It turns any pocket PC device into a tool that can be used to share mechanical designs in 3D with others, no matter where you happen to be, without having to lug around a 10-pound laptop," said Peter Sheerin, Senior Technical Editor, Cadence Magazine.

ParallelGraphics will be demonstrating Pocket Cortona at the upcoming CAD/CAM Solid Modeling exhibition in Birmingham this March 28th and 29th. "Pocket Cortona is key to the exciting development of 3D on wireless devices. The positive feedback we received from our PC-based version prompted us to develop Cortona for the PDA market," said Connell Gallagher, President, ParallelGraphics.

---- About ParallelGraphics ParallelGraphics is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with a major R&D center in Moscow. The company is a world leader in the field of the 3D Internet technologies with over ten years' experience in the creation of unique 3D multi-user Internet services and software products. ParallelGraphics offers complete turnkey 3D services and a comprehensive range of interactive 3D products. ParallelGraphics' technologies have strong applications in the areas of education, entertainment and e-commerce.

Additional information about the company and our full range of products can be found at

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