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POCKET PRESENCE, IN COOPERATION WITH NEWMAD TECHNOLOGIES, LAUNCHES THE SOFTWARE "RUNNING VOICE GSM". The product transforms the handheld computer into an advanced mobile communication tool with functionality much beyond current communicators and smartphones.

Stockholm, March 20, 2001 - Pocket Presence today announced the launch of the product "Running Voice GSM," a software application for advanced mobile telephony on handheld computers with GSM adapters. The software offers sophisticated support for advanced mobile professionals by enhancing traditional voice telephony with a set of new tools and services, as well as tight integration with the Internet and the PC. The product requires a handheld Pocket PC computer, e.g., a Compaq iPAQ, with a GSM PC card.

Running Voice GSM is one of the first products out on the market that combines the operating system PocketPC with mobile telephony. The product will be available in the shops from April 2001.

Rikard Kindlund, Wireless Champion and Senior Product Manager at Compaq Computer Sweden, maintains that: "Running Voice together with Compaq's iPAQ Pocket PC does give the user so much more than telephony. It is a leap towards a truly mobile Internet. The suite of innovative products combined with telephony is the perfect tool for professional users, especially due to the first rate integration of Running Voice with Outlook. Running Voice is another evidence that Swedish companies are one step ahead within the mobile domain.

Running Voice offers value-adding mobile services and tools for voice telephony. The product combines: - The functionality and simplicity of the mobile phone via an intuitive graphical user interface. - The power of a modern handheld computer with a set of new tools, e.g., annotations of calls, email send and receive and SMS.

- Internet access by enabling simple access to email, the Web, and a portal dedicated to users of the product (

- The central role of the PC in IT intensive companies, e.g., by synchronizing calls, SMS messages, etc., with MS Outlook, using the contact list of MS Outlook, etc.

- The multitude of third-part applications available on PocketPC, with everything from Mp3 players, games and city-guides to office applications.

"By offering mobile telephony tightly integrated with the Internet and the PC, Pocket Presence can already today offer a product with 3G features. For the advanced user this is a major leap forward compared to current smartphones and communicators," says Frederik Kämmerer, CEO of Pocket Presence.

Other products in the Running Voice product family are: - Running Voice Service Platform, a service platform for developing and integrate services into Running Voice GSM. The service platform makes it easier for content and service providers to reach the mobile professional.

- Running Voice Embedded, a communication kernel for mobile voice and data communication in industrial environments. - Running Voice IP, an IP based application for handheld computer (PocketPC) connected to a wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b). The application is so far a research prototype demonstrated at Compaq Wireless Centre in Stockholm.

Fredrik Ljungberg, CEO of Newmad Technologies comments: "As a Research and Development Company we often get questions about how 3G really is going to make a difference to the consumer. That is when we show them Running Voice, a collection of tools for mobile Internet that is very well integrated with voice capabilities. These tools make it possible for businesses to develop and integrate new solutions based on internet technology, PCs and telecommunications. Our offer is thus much more competitive that the smartphones that are in the pipeline of other vendors".

To get more information about Running Voice GSM, plus screen dumps, etc., please visit:

ABOUT POCKET PRESENCE Pocket Presence offers IP and GSM based Internet integrated telephony for PDAs and Handheld computers. Pocket Presence has offices in Stockholm and Göteborg. For more information on Pocket Presence, visit

ABOUT NEWMAD TECHNOLOGIES Newmad Technologies conducts world-class research and development within the area of mobile Internet. Ranging from smart networking solutions to end-user applications, Newmad Technologies offers the wireless solutions of tomorrow. Newmad Technologies have offices in Stockholm, Göteborg (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway). For more information on Pocket Presence, visit

TRADEMARKS (TM) MS Outlook is a registered Trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Compaq iPAQ is a Trademark of Compaq Computer Corporation.

MORE INFORMATION For more information about Running Voice, please contact: - Frederik Kämmerer, CEO Pocket Presence, phone +46 (0)733 31 11 01, email - Fredrik Ljungberg, CEO Newmad Technologies, phone +46 (0)31 774 11 00, email

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