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MultiIE 1.0 Released - Multiple IE Windows on Pocket PC

March 25, 2001:  MultiIE 1.0 for Pocket PC Released - From the makers of TapRight

Many user's now experiencing the wireless internet on their Pocket PC's are frustrated by the limitation of only having one Pocket Internet Explorer window open at a time. MultiIE is the answer, with the following features:

- Open the current page in a new window 
- Use the "Menu Activation" feature to open a link in a new window 
- See a list of all open windows by web page title and switch between them 
- Close the current window, leaving all others open 
- Map MultiIE to a hardware button for quicker access to "Menu Activation", or the windows list menu. 
- When browsing with pictures disabled, use the "Menu Activation" feature to display an individual picture. 
- MultiIE integrates in to the Pocket Internet Explorer toolbar, and is easy use. 
- Low cost, MultiIE is shareware and costs only US$9.95 to register 
- Small size, only takes around 40k of your precious memory

It is inappropriate to post images in this newsgroup, so I encourage you to click on the link below to see some screenshots to quickly see what the above refers to. Download a 15 day trial version from the same page:

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