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Press Releases

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mov Software is pleased to announce an open beta test of JabberCE, the first unified Instant Messaging application for Windows CE

-What is JabberCE?

JabberCE is a Windows CE client for the Jabber instant messaging system. The Jabber platform is expected to be the dominant instant messaging system in the near future.

JabberCE is based on open standards and is fully interoperable with proprietary instant messaging systems such as America Online Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Chat, ICQ and MSN Messenger.

-What does JabberCE offer me?

JabberCE gives you the ability to instantly communicate with family, friends and associates using the Internet. The Jabber platform's extensibility allows JabberCE to be compatible with multiple messaging systems.

-Which Messaging Systems is JabberCE compatible with?

With JabberCE you can communicate with anyone who uses any of these systems:

+AOL Instant Messenger(tm) +MSN Instant Messenger(tm) +Yahoo! Messenger(tm) +ICQ(tm)

-Which Windows CE devices does JabberCE run on?

JabberCE is compatible with all Windows CE devices, including CE1.0, 2.0, 2.11, 3.0 and HPC/2000. This includes all Pocket PC's, Palm Size PC's and Handheld PC's.

This open beta is limited to Compaq IPAQ and Jornada PocketPC's. Support for other devices coming soon!

-How much does JabberCE cost?

JabberCE is completely free!

-Where do I get JabberCE?

JabberCE can be obtained at

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