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DDH Software, Inc. Launches New HanDBase Relational Database Application for Microsoft's Pocket PC Platform

HanDBase to be the first cross platform handheld database manager that enables Palms and Pocket PCs to exchange data without a desktop or third party software.

LAKE WORTH, Fla. (March 14, 2001)...DDH Software, Inc. today announced that a new version of its HanDBase relational database application is now available to owners of handheld computers based on the Microsoft Pocket PC platform. Pocket PC users can now manage their information in a fully functional relational database, including the ability to create and maintain databases on both the desktop PC and handheld computer. For more than two years, DDH Software's HanDBase database application has enabled owners of Palm« OS-based handheld organizers to collect, edit and manage information while away from their personal computers, earning prestigious recognition such as Handheld Computing Magazine's "Database of the Year" award along the way. Now, users of Pocket PCs can enjoy the same breadth of database functionality for which Palm users have grown accustomed. "HanDBase gives Pocket PC users an extremely powerful relational database application," said Phil Holden, director of marketing for the mobile devices division at Microsoft Corp. " We feel HanDBase's powerful relational features and its easy-to-use- interface will make it a popular choice among Pocket PC enthusiasts and, when combined with Pocket Excel and Pocket Word, it delivers a portable office solution designed to make users even more productive while on-the-go." Another milestone in the handheld computing industry has been achieved with the release of HanDBase for Pocket PC devices. For the first time, a handheld computing application offers versions for devices of both Pocket PC and Palm operating systems, allowing users of either system to exchange data via their devices' infrared ports without the aid of a desktop or third-party application. For example, a Pocket PC-equipped physician leaving the hospital can beam a patient list to a Palm-equipped physician going on call. "Just because an individual or company chooses one type of device over the other shouldn't mean that they are unable to exchange information with users of a different handheld operating system," said David Haupert, DDH Software's president and CEO. "Providing HanDBase as a cross platform solution breaks down a major barrier that has separated Pocket PC users and Palm users. Within many companies there are users of both types of devices who will now be able to beam their data back and forth, creating a much more efficient workplace." Beyond its full-featured editing and design capabilities, HanDBase desktop allows users to export files in Excel, Word, CSV, HTML or XML formats. Another feature of HanDBase Desktop that increases its user-friendliness is its "plug-in architecture" for third party add-on applications. For example, a user can automate repetitive tasks such as exporting, importing, running external programs, or seamlessly moving data between HanDBase and other formats such as Microsoft Access, and other ODBC sources HanDBase for Pocket PC will retail for US$24.99 and is available at the company's Web site,, plus online retailers such as and

About DDH Software, Inc. DDH Software, Inc. develops software in the handheld computing industry. Developing for the Palm Computing platform since early 1997, the company offers several products, including the award-winning HanDBase, Thesaurus/Spell Checker, and Translate, among other software titles. With its latest version of HanDBase, the company makes its first foray into developing applications for devices running on Microsoft's Pocket PC platform. DDH Software, Inc. also writes custom solutions for businesses on a contract basis. HanDBase has carved niches in the medical, legal, real estate and educational fields.

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