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Creating Backups on the Casio EM-500
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000
As published on Microsoft's Website

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Periodically, I back up my Pocket PCs to my desktop using Microsoft® ActiveSync®. While using my Casio EM-500, I found an issue with using the USB connection to back up. Here’s the issue and how to work around it.

Are backups required?

A backup using ActiveSync allows you to restore your system back to what it had on it previously at the time the backup was performed. This includes the calendar, contacts, and tasks as well as the installed programs and My Documents. This is a fast way to restore your EM-500 in the event you lose your data.

What does ActiveSync normally copy?

Outside of an ActiveSync backup, your calendar, contacts, and tasks are synchronized with Microsoft Outlook®. Also, your files can be synchronized to the Pocket PC’s My Documents folder each time you connect. If you choose not to make a full backup, you will be able to resynchronize your calendar, contacts, and tasks after you delete the existing partnership in ActiveSync. To restore your My Documents files you need to make sure you choose not to delete the files at the time you deleted the partnership in ActiveSync. Then you can synchronize these files if you use the same name for your device. You will have to reinstall any third-party applications you previously installed. You can do this from within ActiveSync using the Add/Remove Program option under Tools.

Using ActiveSync to Backup

While using ActiveSync 3.1, I attempted to perform a full backup of my Casio EM-500 using the included USB cable. During the backup, ActiveSync froze while copying files. The backup never completed. To cancel the backup you would think I would tap on the Cancel button, however it did not work in this case! All I had to do was unplug the EM-500 and ActiveSync stopped performing the backup and returned to normal operation.

Using ActiveSync to Restore

I was able to use the EM-500 to connect using ActiveSync via serial and infrared and perform full backups without a problem. Further, I was able to restore a backup from serial or infrared via serial, infrared, or USB without a problem.

Using the MultiMediaCard for Backup

Casio provides a built-in program to back up the EM-500 to a flash memory card stored in the MultiMediaCard (MMC) slot. You can access it by tapping Start, then Programs, then tap Utility, and last, Backup. You are given the option to back up or restore. Just tap Backup and you are protected in less than a minute! The restore is just as easy and takes about the same amount of time.


So if you want to keep a full backup of your EM-500, I recommend that you use the serial or infrared connection with ActiveSync. Another option is to use the MMC, however you should remove the MMC card to avoid losing the backup. You can use the USB connection to synchronize calendar, contacts, and tasks as well as install applications or copy files. I do not recommend using USB for backups until this issue is resolved.

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