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Customizing ActiveSync Settings
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000
Revised April 28, 2000
As published on Microsoft's Website

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You can customize the amount of information that is stored on your Pocket PC using ActiveSync. This tip explains where to go to adjust these settings.

When you first synchronize with Microsoft« ActiveSync«, you can select what options you want synchronized. Later, you can add or remove options by clicking on the ActiveSync icon on your task bar and selecting Tools, then Options. You will be presented with the Sync Options. This is where you select which options you want synchronized with your Pocket PC.

You can further customize these settings by selecting an option and clicking on the Settings button. You will be presented with the parameters for synchronizing this option. An example of an option you may want to change is the Calendar option, which defaults to all future appointments and only two weeks of prior appointments. You can customize this to synchronize all appointments, or none, or anywhere in-between.

Contacts defaults to synchronizing all contacts. However, you can choose to synchronize only specific contacts or categories. Tasks defaults to synchronizing only incomplete tasks while you can choose to synchronize all tasks or some tasks in the past and future. The Inbox supports the ability to send only the first 100 lines of each message and only messages that are less than five days old. You can select to synchronize all or some of your e-mail depending on your needs.

I recommend that you review your settings from time to time to avoid running out of memory and store a duplicate of everything on your desktop. With these features, you are in control of what is synchronized to your Pocket PC.

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