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Use IMAP4 to Download E-mail on Request
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2000
Revised April 19, 2000
As published on Microsoft's Website

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You can download your e-mail on request and choose the size and number of e-mail messages to download by configuring your Pocket PC to use IMAP4 support. This allows you to maximize your efficiency when accessing e-mail through slow connections by choosing not to download large messages.
What You Need
  • An account on an e-mail server that supports IMAP4.
  • Information about your e-mail server including the user name and password for your IMAP4 mailbox, the name or IP address of the IMAP4 server, and the name or IP address of your SMTP server.
  • A connection to your ISP or corporate network.


Whether your e-mail is stored on a server provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider), or a corporate server using Exchange Server version 5.5, the server must include IMAP4 support. If you aren't sure whether your server includes IMAP4 support, contact your e-mail provider. IMAP4 support for the Pocket PCs does not work in lieu of SMTP and POP3.

Languages Supported

IMAP4 supports all languages.

Configure the Inbox for IMAP4 Support

  1. Launch the Inbox on your Pocket PC.
  2. Tap Services and select New Service from the menu.
  3. Select IMAP4 Mail in the Service type dropdown and choose a name for the IMAP4 service.
  4. Tap Next to continue.

    Figure 1: Select IMAP4 Mail.
  5. Now select type of connection you use to access your e-mail server, dial-up or network.
  6. Enter your username and password and tap Next to continue.

    Figure 2: Select your connection and enter your username and password.
  7. If you are connecting to an Exchange server, enter the Windows NT Domain name. If you are not using an Exchange server, leave the Windows NT Domain name blank.
  8. Enter the SMTP Host you use to send mail and your return e-mail address then tap Next to continue.

    Figure 3: Enter information for sending e-mail.
  9. Set the options for receiving your e-mail and tap Next to continue to the final IMAP4 Service screen.

    Figure 4: Set options for receiving e-mail.
  10. Set the options for downloading your e-mail and tap Finish to complete the IMAP4 configuration.

    Figure 5: Set options for downloading e-mail.


When you enter your user name and password, you have the option of saving your password. While this can be convenient, it is a security risk. If you choose to save your password, anyone who has access to your Pocket PC will be able to access your e-mail.


IMAP4 lets you control the size and number of e-mail messages you download and gives you the option of downloading your e-mail on request. Take advantage of this new functionality to make accessing your e-mail easier and more efficient.

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