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SDIO Cameras
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2003
Version 1.01    Revised: 8/11/2003

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Recently there has been an interest in using the Pocket PC as a digital camera.  This is a comparison of the SDIO Digital Cameras that are compatible with the Pocket PCs.

SDIO Cameras

Specs/Camera Hewlett Packard LifeView
Product Name/Model # HP Photosmart Mobile Camera FlyCam-SD 1.3MF
Still Image Resolution 1.3 megapixel 320 x 240, 640 x 480,  1280 x 1024: BMP, JPG, GIF
Video Image Resolution 160x120 , 180x136, 320x240, 120x160, 136x180, 240x320
Video Format up to 30 fps, Motion Jpeg (AVI w/Audio); GIF w/o audio
# of Colors 24 bit  true color
CCD Size 1.3 million pixels
Focus manual focus
Light Sensitivity    
Flash no Yes
F Stop F 2.8
Zoom 4x digital none
Image Format Jpeg, 3 levels compression
Video Format Casio CMF (Mpeg 2 w/ proprietary audio compression) size 208 x 160, 160 x 112
SDIO Interface SDIO SDIO 4 bit
Pricing TBA, October, 2003 $199.99
Purchase At MobilePlanet

Picture of the HP Photosmart Mobile Camera

Also, there are iPAQ Expansion Packs that have built in cameras as well.

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