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Data Storage - Other 
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 1996-2001

Version 1.12  Revised: 3/26/2001

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There are a few different types of data storage and peripheral cards now available for PDA/Windows CE users:

  • PC Cards - Data Storage and Peripherals

  • CompactFlash - Data Storage and Peripherals.

  • Miniature Cards - Dram and Data Storage.

  • Multimedia Cards/Secure Digital Cards - Data Storage


     Picture:  From the right and clockwise, PC Card, Compact Flash, and Miniature Card.

This paper will assist the reader in understanding what these cards can do and how they are used.


Miniature cards are a new standard that is designed for memory and data storage. These cards are even smaller than the Compact Flash but there is no planned support for peripherals. They were designed to reduce the cost of data storage and increase the ruggedness of the cards. They have no pins or holes for pins to go in, unlike PC Cards or Compact Flash. Currently there are very few devices that use Miniature cards but one of them is the Philips Velo. It uses Miniature cards for ram expansion and flash data storage.

Iomega Clik!

In the near future you will be able to hook up the Iomega Clik! drive to your Windows CE Handheld PC.  This will be done with a PC Card adapter and a cable.  The Clik! disks hold 40 MB of data which can be accessed just like any other storage device to Windows CE.  The Clik! disks are the size of a quarter - including the thickness. Iomega is now shipping the Clik! drive!  Iomega now offers a PC Card adapter that is compatible with the iPAQ Pocket PC with a Dual PC Card jacket.



Ioptics OROM

This revolutionary product will allow users to store up to 128mb of storage in a very small package called a data card.  OROM (Optical Read Only Memory) is very fast - similar to a hard disk but there are no moving parts! This technology is similar in function to the CDRom for desktops and laptops.   It will allow you to carry around a lot of information and access it quickly.

Microsoft has invested in Ioptics and there has been discussion in the press about using the OROM with Windows CE.  According to Ioptics, they are expecting prototypes by the end of this year.  Production units are expected 4Q99.

Addonics LS-120 and Zip Drive

Addonics has announced a driver to allow Windows CE users to use their LS-120 Superdrive, PocketZip and MobileZip drives with their H/PC and H/PC Pros.  The driver costs $39.  This adds additional capabilities for data storage in Windows CE.

Adaptec Slim SCSI 1460

Adaptec is now offering a driver for their Slim SCSI 1460 for sale on their website.  It offers support for hard disks and removable storage like the Iomega Zip drive.  In the future they plan on offering CDRom support as well.

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