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Mobile Clothing
By Chris De Herrera, Copyright 2001
 Version 1.00  Revised 10/25/2001

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Did you know that you can get clothing that's optimized for holding all your mobile devices?  Well you can! 

Scott eVest

The Scott eVest offers the ability to put devices in your pockets and still be able to use them.  It has holes in the pockets which allow you to connect headphones, power cords, etc to your devices while they are in the pockets and route the cords where you need them through the Velcro seams which hold the wiring well.  The vest offers many size pockets on the outside and inside so you can carry everything from the smallest notebook PC (A5 size), your Pocket PC and a cell phone with headphones run to the neckline.  I just got a Scott eVest at the Pocket PC Summit and I've found that it's tons of pockets and ability to hide the wiring keeps me untangled and function with my gear when I travel.

 Overall the Scott eVest represents great ideas on integrating everyday technology into clothing that is wearable and functional.  His approach allows users to get the most out of their devices and still keep them in their pockets.

Scott eVest Website

Dockers Pleated Mobile Pants

In September, Levis introduced a new set of their business casual pants with more pockets for the mobile professional with lots of mobile devices.  The Mobile Pants offer multiple pockets so you can easily carry a cell phone, PDA (the naked iPAQ fits!) as well as a wallet in your pants without having lots of bulges. 

 Well I picked up 2 pairs the week they were announced! Recently I asked my wife to get another pair and I found that there's 2 versions!  The first Mobile Pants that I purchased have stowaway seam pockets in each pant leg along with the zip vault in the standard pocket.  Well the new ones that were purchased in early October, only have one Stowaway Seam pocket on the right side! So purchasers should be aware of which version of the Mobile Pants they are getting at the store before they purchase their pants.  Overall the Dockers Mobile Pants offer the ability to keep your Pocket PC on you and hidden all at the same time.

Docker's Mobile Pants Website

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